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Festival Skirts

Festival Skirts Festival Skirts

Don't get me started!  Alright, I picked up the gauntlet after several people asked me where I got my festival costume.  I wa...

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Nature cards

Nature cards Nature cards

I make the paper for these cards from pretty grasses, flower petals, autumn leaves, whatever strikes me.  It is a way of capturing the ephe...

Fantastical, Humanistic Barcelona

Fantastical, Humanistic Barcelona Fantastical, Humanistic Barcelona

Skatepark: Sagrada Familia: Las Ramblas sideshows: Christopher Columbus: ...

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Feather headdresses

Feather headdresses Feather headdresses

Here are a few of the feather headdresses I made.  $20 plus tax and shipping.  Please email me at if you would lik...


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