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Signs of Our Time

 I am adding a section to this blog, Signs of Our Time.

So... I live in the Bible Belt.  As one can imagine when a population is convinced that its belief system is the one that governs all laws of the Universe, there are self-righteous signs aplenty.  Because the blind faith these folks have been raised upon does not promote thinking out of the box, it is impossible for them to see how they appear to others who do not hold their beliefs.  When I taught eleventh grade English in the local high school, I had students argue with me about using the Bible as a factual reference source... and who sincerely could not see that the devil might be a myth or comprehend the similarity of Eve being created out of Adam's to Dionysius being born out of Zeus's thigh or Athena from his skull, the latter two appearing as nonsense to them and the former as unquestionable fact.

I am a fan of Jesus, both the historical figure and the mythological one.  But I am not at all a fan of the "one way" philosophy.  In fact, I find it arrogant and hateful and feel that those with the need to proselytize and convert everyone are subconsciously afraid that what they believe is not true.  My notion of Jesus is that he has the ultimate loving spirit. He is hardly the type of person who would condemn to a fiery Hell someone who followed another path to "God."

And on the other end of the spectrum.... a sign chalked by realists living totally in the moment taken outside a bar in Austin, Texas.
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