Cloud 8


    Ace, a powerful goddess, is intent upon saving her beloved planet from impending doom. But Mary, the unlikely avatar Ace selects from the Venusian population has her own agenda. She is trying desperately to quietly spirit an endangered refugee to safety.

    As Amnesian society becomes more violent and war and disease foment, Ace is compelled to elicit help in guiding Mary. And while she has momentary suspicions, Mary does not recognize the hand of the gods in the trials that unfold before her.

    Will they be able to save the world in time? Or even outside time?

    At its essence, perhaps it is just another entertaining fantasy. A fairy tale of an alternate universe where a new social paradigm is created. Where nationalism has been marginalized and refugees are welcome. Where the species and the planet are undifferentiated. A template for dreamers and all-hands-on-deck visionaries: software developers, financiers and self-styled entrepreneurs to upgrade their lives by kickstarting a lucrative green economy leveraging an global job board already existing and waiting. 
    Stripped of all else, it is a gripping contemporary fantasy of the bigger picture we cannot see.
    Thank you for reading - I hope you enjoy the journey! 


Renting the Veil

    My first novel, and one of the most spellbinding books you will ever read, is a psychological adventure.  

    A linear-thinking ordinary businessman suddenly loses his young wife and spirals into uncontained grief.  In a desperate attempt for solace and connection, he discreetly contacts a psychic who seemingly contacts his wife. Joe becomes obsessed with reaching her directly, exploring each new option with a haunting intensity:  angels, dreams, astral projection, shamanic forces, synchronicity, past lives, shamanic forces and meditating in “places where the material and spiritual worlds has thinned.”

    His diversion is secretive as he has a professional image to maintain, yet he occasionally senses that he is the object of an overt joke.  The more confused he becomes, the more holographic his reality appears.  The clients he represents in his law practice mirror his emotional journey.  It is a hilarious gallery of colorful people, volatile and vulnerable.

    Weaving through the story as well, a valuable coin passes through many undiscerning hands, paralleling Joe’s elusive search. 

    Covering an amazing bandwidth of the American experience, the story is poetic and pragmatic, tragic and comical, and an intelligent portrait of grief in a culture where death knows no mercy.

    Alternately a heart-wrenching and hilarious adventure, it will rate as one of the most influential books you will ever read.

    The first book in a series of the adventures of a young man traveling the world with no set itinerary and on a shoestring budget. Staying in hostels, airbnbs, in a hammock or on a couch, he is less a tourist than a wanderer. 

    Oliver's only mantra is to stay present in the moment and drink deeply of life. At times hilarious and at other moments haunting, his adventures and misadventures are an authentic guide to the places he roams. 

     A fun read and believe it or not, an informative travel guide. It's available from Amazon and Kindle. Make it a multimedia experience and follow along under Oliver's Travels Book One on 

    In Book Two, Oliver continues his adventures backpacking on a pittance and living like a Prince… as he explores the lands from France to fantastical Barcelona, across sunflower fields and into the oldest cities of Spain, dropping down from the Strait of Gibralter into mysterious medinas in Africa, slipping back up to the colorful Italian Riviera and then seeking immersion in the artistic splendor of Florence.

    Another fun and informative travel guide, also available through and Kindle.