Cloud 8

Ace, a powerful goddess, is intent upon saving her beloved planet from impending doom. But Mary, the unlikely avatar Ace selects from the Venusian population has her own agenda. She is trying desperately to quietly spirit an endangered refugee to safety.

    As Amnesian society becomes more violent and war and disease foment, Ace is compelled to elicit help in guiding Mary. And while she has momentary suspicions, Mary does not recognize the hand of the gods in the trials that unfold before her.

    Will they be able to save the world in time? Or even outside time?

    At its essence, perhaps it is just another entertaining fantasy. A fairy tale of an alternate universe where a new social paradigm is created. Where nationalism has been marginalized and refugees are welcome. Where the species and the planet are undifferentiated. A template for dreamers and all-hands-on-deck visionaries: software developers, financiers and self-styled entrepreneurs to upgrade their lives by kickstarting a lucrative green economy leveraging a global job board already existing and waiting. 

    Stripped of all else, it is a gripping contemporary fantasy of the bigger picture we cannot see.

   Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the journey! 

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