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Oliver's Travels Book One

    The first book in a series of the adventures of a young man traveling the world with no set itinerary and on a shoestring budget. Staying in hostels, airbnbs, in a hammock or on a couch, he is less a tourist than a wanderer. 

    Oliver's only mantra is to stay present in the moment and drink deeply of life. At times hilarious and at other moments haunting, his adventures and misadventures are an authentic guide to the places he roams. 

    A fun read and believe it or not, an informative travel guide. It's available from Amazon and Kindle. Make it a multimedia experience and follow along under Oliver's Travels Book One on I may go back and suggest music to follow along with for those with a streaming service. My links to youtube music kept breaking. Email me at if I haven't done that yet and you'd like it.

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