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My first job fit me best: Little Red Riding Hood. My career went downhill from there. Though I seldom believe war is the answer, my first career job was buying missiles. I proudly managed an environmental engineering firm focused on improving air quality; I was horrified to work at a quarry blasting a beautiful canyon. I adored co-hosting a Big Band Swing radio show with an amazing mentor and on my solo nights, I read Spanish poetry to El Paso and Juarez. I have years of war stories as a general civil law practitioner in PA & was a lawyer for a fast company in Austin during the dot.com era. I loved teaching business law to grad students at UTEP. I had mixed feelings about being a substitute teacher in rural VA, but it allowed me to be near my young children in their years of uncertainty after my husband died in a hiking accident. I liked being a Concierge and Historian at an elegant resort. Managing a community library was very cool. I was in my element on my organic vineyard and farm, decimated by deer during a five-year stint of managing a luxury apartment community on the water in St. Pete. I wrote my first novel during my tenure there: Renting the Veil. I woke up one day and decided to quit my job and backpack across Europe. And I did...for four months, as long as I could on my visa and my bank account. I am back home on the farm now. I have too many interests to contain in a lifetime. The ones at the forefront right now are organic farming - I dream of reviving my vineyard, am writing a travel series, Oliver's Travels, to guide or simply amuse other adventurers, am studying but never really learning astronomy, learning Spanish and German, traveling as much as I can and of course listening to live music. I love both dancing across fields in gypsy skirts at festivals and dressing to the nines, slipping into a velvet seat in a gorgeous opera house after an amazing meal with a ridiculously fine wine...and then getting lost in a sublime aria. I have known tragedy and ecstasy and am grateful for the richness of my life and for my amazing family and friends all over the world.



This blog is essentially divided into four sections:

1. Viva, an ongoing blog with random observations about life itself.

2.  A section devoted to my first novel, Renting the Veil, with a link to its website and to Festival Apparel  The latter is in response to a number of requests I had recently as to "where I got" my festival apparel.  The explanation and offerings are there.

3.  A section which is a multimedia adjunct to an ongoing writing and traveling project, Oliver's Travels.  It is the story of a young man roaming the world with no set itinerary on a shoestring budget whose only goal is to experience life's finest moments.  Book One of the series is now available through amazon in paperback and on kindle.  The multimedia adjunct here on tinydancer provides photos and links to videos and music to deepen the experience.  At the present moment, the website is not as simple as I would like it to be and I am taking measures to streamline it (not my forte, so I am at the mercy of others), so the simplest way to follow along for now is to go to the Blog Archive and begin in March 2016 with OT1 (Oliver's Travels Book One) Somewhere in Bulgaria and proceed chronologically with each subsequent chapter through the end of Book One.  The last chapter is The Heart of Provence.  The first chapter of Book Two will be Marseille.

4.  A section on street art, which will be added to as I travel.

5.  Am linking the tab of Oliver's Travels Book Two to corollary content, fun to follow along while reading the adventure.

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