Renting the Veil & Festival Apparel

Renting the Veil

My first novel, and one of the most spellbinding books you will ever read, is a psychological adventure.  It is available through in paperback or on Kindle.

A linear-thinking ordinary businessman suddenly loses his young wife and spirals into uncontained grief.  In a desperate attempt for solace and connection, he discreetly contacts a psychic who seemingly contacts his wife. Joe becomes obsessed with reaching her directly, exploring each new option with a haunting intensity:  angels, dreams, astral projection, shamanic forces, synchronicity, past lives, shamanic forces and meditating in “places where the material and spiritual worlds has thinned.”

His diversion is secretive as he has a professional image to maintain, yet he occasionally senses that he is the object of an overt joke.  The more confused he becomes, the more holographic his reality appears.  The clients he represents in his law practice mirror his emotional journey.  It is a hilarious gallery of colorful people, volatile and vulnerable.

Weaving through the story as well, a valuable coin passes through many undiscerning hands, paralleling Joe’s elusive search. 

Covering an amazing bandwidth of the American experience, the story is poetic and pragmatic, tragic and comical, and an intelligent portrait of grief in a culture where death knows no mercy.

Alternately a heart-wrenching and hilarious adventure, it will rank as one of the most influential books you will ever read.

Festival Apparel

On Saturday, I went to a festival where at least a dozen people stopped me to ask where I got my feather headdress (I made it), my skirt (this one I bought in Istanbul, but I sew them), my parasol (I like to subsidize artists and bought it at a festival), my scarf (from an artist friend).  I did not have any business cards, but promised I would post info on my blog, so since I am not sure how to add a page and it is about selling stuff I am just adding it to this page.

I don't have any clear photos of what I was wearing Saturday, but if you browse this blog (which you should anyway for kicks), you will find photos of me in different festive costumes.

Here is what I have presently or can hook you up with:

 In this photo are two parasols, two different skirts, two head scarves and three feather headdresses.
 The skirt on the left is a cotton twirly skirt.  These are my favorite because they are great to dance in as they flow well and are super comfortable. And since they are cotton, they wash well.  I have a half dozen easily.  I may have bought the company out of stock as I searched for them after visiting their distributor and not finding any and the seamstress dissolved her corporation.  They are pretty simple to make though and I would be happy to make you one for thirty dollars.  The skirt on the right I bought in Istanbul.  It is not so great to be spilling things on as the fabric has a sheen.  It has a great velcro waist closure so it fits well.  This one has sequins, bells and an embroidered gauzy insert.  It is a very elegant skirt I wear to the theater as well as festivals.  I just ordered different fabrics for two which will be quite stunning and I will post them when I am done.  I can sew this skirt to your specs.  It will cost sixty-five dollars.

I bought these parasols at festivals and if I can find the lovely women who made them I will pick up a few more and sell them to you.  They are all different.  I must warn you that these are problematic in that the handles slip off; they are troublesome to open, the caps at the end can break loose and then you have a sharp piece of metal sticking out.  In short, I would make no guarantee about their usefulness or longevity.  I paid thirty-five or forty dollars and felt like I got what I paid for.  I love them.

It is hard to capture the look of a head scarf without a mannequin head which I don't happen to have.  I am wearing one of my favorite ones in the top photo of me hugging the guy on the bike.  I like it because it has beads and sequins.  The other one I did not make but it would be fairly easy to make as well.  I can make a head scarf to your specs for twenty or twenty-five dollars, depending upon your request.

I also make my feather headdresses and can make you one for twenty dollars.  I get tons of compliments on these.

I have a friend who makes feather earrings which I wear a lot as well.  I have asked her to send me several pairs and I will add a photo and offer those as soon as I receive them.

A friend of mine, Laurie Dyer from Jacksonville, FL makes the dyed wool felt scarves I adore as well as the tie dyed dresses I wear and lots of other cool clothing.  You can find her on facebook.

 Those feather pieces on the daybed roll are feather headdresses I have made.

The headscarves are hanging from the side of the daybed above the feather headdresses.

And here are note cards I make out of paper made of leaves, grasses and flowers.  They can say whatever you want or be blank.  I will make a few more this week which simply say Happy Birthday or Thinking of You and show the interior.  As I have not been selling them, I have simply been pasting in favorite poems or writing notes in them.  You can buy them for $4.95 each.

If you are interested in any of these items, you can email me at  If over time I get enough interest, I will set up an e-commerce site.


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