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Auf Wiedersehen Switzerland, Bonjour France

Okay, why

is this bathroom in the Visp train station blue???  Like traveling in foreign countries - where everything is different from turning on spigots to making coffee to closing elevator doors and, hungering, you are reduced to pointing pleadingly at food and then scrambling to sort out which play money in your pocketful of change will please this exasperated vendor - isn't surreal enough!

The train travels along Lake Geneva for a very long time.  The lake is fed primarily by the Rhone and is over 200 square miles, 580 square kilometers.  It is edged by small industrial towns, then farmland, then the city of Montreax and then vineyards before it ends and the train rolls into Geneva.




                      Mother's Day in the Geneva train station floral shop. 

From Geneva, rolling hills of vineyards line the tracks for miles, then small villages and small farmhouses with gardens.  It feels different than Switzerland. It rains again, feeding the leafing trees and wild flowers in rural France.