Light and clarity

Hopped on a bus to St. Remy Sunday morning.  The villagers were lined up along the main boulevard celebrating the traditions of the different villages of Provence.  I forgot about taking still photos as I was videotaping the sound and action. There were horns and drums and young men standing on horses cracking a whip and ladies with parasols and a huge float made out of fresh flowers. The sunlight bathed the town in a soft brilliance giving it a very peaceful feel.




Rode the winding rural roads through small Provence villages back to Avignon just in time to catch the bus leading into Les Montes de Vaucluse.  The magical spring (worshipped since ancient times) at Fontaine-de-Vaucluse fed the cleanest river I have ever seen. 

Toured the Gras perfumerie and was then inspired to get back into making paper on the farm after watching the Moulin paper mill workers, both sites on the trail to the mouth of the River Sorgue.  A very old mossy mill wheel powers huge wood blocks which hammer and press the pulp before a mill worker hand sieves it and blocks it.




Had a fine picnic on the grassy bank, finishing off another bottle of Cotes du Rhone, and rode the last bus back home to Avignon.  A lovely Sunday.