The Glacier Express


Early morning Saturday, 09.05.14. I am finally getting used to reversed dates and have actually been responding to people in German, though the dialect sounds more like a mixture of French and Italian here in Sankt Moritz. The photos I took can't capture the scale or grandeur of this amazing six hour train ride through the Swiss Alps.  

It is hard to fathom how people live so remotely and so high up.  I saw a couple old, old monasteries teetering on the edges of cliffs far above deep river gorges.  It is hard not to feel in awe, but really, why tempt fate to that degree? 

The chalets were adorable.  It was like riding through Story Book Forest in Ligonier. Such a beautiful time to make this trip, with the snows melting and huge waterfalls racing down the mountains, feeding Spring flowers.  I could live on the far outskirts of a tiny village in a dark wooden chalet with painted wood shutters with someone I deeply loved. A very large garden, a number of outbuildings and a lot of firewood would be cool and maybe some fat cows with bells around their necks. 





Milky green river


Old abbey on a cliff.

My hostel window in Zermatt looks out at the Matterhorn.  

Saturday night

Sunday morning. Feeling holy. (Nutella for breakfast helps.)