Year of the Monkey!!!

This is going to be a good one indeed! Beginning with rearranging the website to accommodate a book just about to be published, Book One of a travel adventure series, a multimedia experience.

Am a little late easing into this year - just took down the Christmas tree.  But hey - the year of the monkey doesn't start until February 8th, so actually I am right on track.  All of the wild and wonderful things to catch up on: my son's wedding, a family reunion, the holidays and a gorgeous winter storm - here are a few photos and a link to a video of the storm from my porch as I was blissfully snowed in the cabin.  The first photo is the first celebration since I last touched base - my youngest son being recruited by KPMG.  They welcomed their new recruits by renting out Ellis Island for a private party.  He took this photo of the Statue of Liberty from their yacht.

In October, Sean brought a few of her sorority sisters down from Barnard to celebrate Regina's birthday.  I was honored that my rustic idyll was their destination.

Some wedding pictures of Luke and Justine, one of my girls, sans Lena and Luisa, and one of my four kids and I.

David flew back to Vienna, Luke and Justine departed for their three week honeymoon, Caleb and Sean went back to college and Hannah and Rosie went back to Richmond.  I remained at home with a few left-over calla lillies from the bouquet and boutonnieres and memories of small children, now all grown.

Here are a couple of the family fun photos from the reunion in West Palm Beach over Thanksgiving.

Above, my nieces Rachel and Tori having a ball, perhaps feeling as blurry as the photo, but clearly merry nonetheless.  Below, my niece Caitlin and her boyfriend Devon, currently bicycling across South Africa.

To the right, my son Caleb and my bad-ass brother Tim who is getting ready to go on his 10th or 11th thousand mile running trek (one of those bicycling) across Alaska forging the Iditarod trail for the dog-sledders who will follow a week or so later.  If you like adventures, read his book "8,000 Miles Across Alaska."

That was Thanksgiving.

Followed almost immediately by Christmas at the cabin.
 Stockings by the fire.
And then came the epic snowstorm.
The road disappeared within the first hour.  It was silent except for the snow, which came down steadily for 36 hours.  Check back, uh... soon, and I will have a video of the snow storm.  On Sunday the sun came out, casting deep shadows and making the snow sparkle.