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Festival Skirts

Don't get me started!  Alright, I picked up the gauntlet after several people asked me where I got my festival costume.  I wasn't sure how to answer as I kind of piece things together and eager to please, I offered to make costumes if they would check in on my blog in two weeks.  Well, it's two weeks today and as you can see in a previous post, I made some feather headdresses. And now I've sewn these skirts.  I am obviously not a fashion photographer or the owner of cool hangers, but I did my best to show these off by handing them where they could conceivably catch the sunlight to show off their sparkle.  This is a navy blue, almost black skirt with  sweet glittery blue pinstripe and lace insets, good for twirling.  The top photo is you from the back and the lower is the front.
The one below is made of a glittery gold fabric with copper sequin insets.  You can't possibly wear this and not be happy and feel gorgeous.  That's just how it works.

This is the same sparkly gold fabric as the back.  It is just catching the sun in a cheery moment, but you want to be looking at the sweet detail added to the hem of the front panels.  Both of these are super comfy skirts - one size fits all with a strong velcro closing so you can eat and drink as much asyou want and just adjust the snugness.  I am not the best seamstress in the world, but these are after all, festival skirts, not wedding gowns.  You will wear them over and over and hopefully dance them to shreds eventually anyway.  And ten to one, some joker is going to slop his beer on you at some point, so just enjoy the perfection of the imperfections!

If you are interested in owning either of these or have a special request, just email me at