If this doesn't contstitute street art, i don't know what does... even though it is was out in the country on a random hillside near Natural Bridge, Virginia. The stateside boys asked me what I wanted to do for Mother's Day.  Well, what else?  I had never been to Stonehenge and am not one for tourist attractions, but something told me this well-hidden styrofoam true-to-life replica would not be terribly crowded.  The site also boasted a large styrofoam replica of a wizard with the proclamation that the face had actually been made from a plaster cast of a dead man upon his (prior) request, and because it looked very much like that was the case, it is absolutely too creepy to post here.

Afterward, we went to the health food store for some culinary delights and took them to Devils' Backbone Brewery outpost for a picnic with an excellent craft beer.

A lovely Mother's Day.  (And they gifted me with an awesome bottle of organic red wine.) I really do have the best kids in the world.