Reiki and Light Healing

Some people are born with the ability to actually see the human energy field or the aura. Edgar Cayce, while in a self-induced trance, frequently described the colors he saw around people and specifically, injured organs. He believed, as is the thesis held by most light healers, that disease has a psychological component and is the physical manifestation of a dis ease that a person is experiencing in being unable to reconcile some thought pattern and maintain a internal harmony, that the physical state is a reflection of deep-seated emotions. Hidden emotions can come frozen in your body, sometimes pulling your neck or back out of alignment.   His work was in the earlier part of the twentieth century, though his hospital in Virginia Beach, Virginia is still extant. One of the most well-known contemporary workers in this field is Louise Hay, whose works set forth simple and powerful cross-references, like if your knees and joints hurt, it is because you are being inflexible. Edgar Cayce didn’t really understand the colors of the aura and didn’t pretend to. He explained to his clients: I am just relaying what I see.  The healing techniques prescribed at his hospital, all channeled and geared primarily to helping the body assimilate essential nutrients that it was not absorbing due to illness, included color therapy.
Conversely, Barbara Ann Brennan, a former NASA physicist and founder of a four-year accredited college of healing, teaches her students a higher sense perception that helps them to see the chakras, measure their functioning and see the auric levels. A chakra, or spinning wheel, to those who are able to see them, and I might here refer you to the paintings of contemporary artist, Alex Gray, is a wheel of energy letting psychological information flow in and out of our physical bodies. Each chakra, the general concensus is that the human body has seven major chakras, has a specific function, for example, the heart chakra lets in energy dealing with compassion and healing. The frontal aspect of the chakra is related to the person’s feelings, the back aspect to his will. Likewise, the attuned seer also sees the etheric layers of the body, commonly referred to as the aura. Each layer relates to a chakra, the one of the same color. It is believed that homeopathic remedies treat a patient on these sensitive levels. That is partially why such tiny doses can work. The light layers are considered very sensitive to influence. Homeopathy treats illness by the stimulation of the body's own healing response.
The Bach flower essences, prescribed for Joe by both Rose and Eartha (who though a chiropractor, appears to also be a light healer, probably practicing Reiki on Joe, give the powerful memories and feelings he experienced while she was laying on her hands) are likewise considered to address psychological disorders and are prescribed for such problems as fear, oversensitivity, sadness, loneliness and insufficient interest in present circumstances. They are taken in very small doses, just droplets, yet adherents declare them very effective. I am an ardent fan of the now popular Bach flower essence Rescue Remedy for calming anxiety.
One cannot be healthy without a proper functioning of the chakra. Rose does energy work on Joe to clear his chakras and heal holes in his aura that let in spirits of despair.
Reiki is a very specific laying on of hands technique, where the Reiki master has been cleared and balanced and is able to channel energy from the universe and use it for healing. While other healers may heal in essentially the same manner, Reiki utilizes very old symbols as a shortcut to a reservoir of power which then flows through the hot hands of the healer.
Barbara Brennan’s students also call in the help of other spirits, often the patient’s deceased family members who have an avid interest in helping. Reiki rules appear to be very strict, so I am not certain whether it is kosher or not, but I had a Reiki healer utilize the assistance of angels present in the room when I had a Reiki massage. It was a very powerful healing session, immersing me vividly in a childhood experience I had long since forgotten and provoking realizations that helped me see the progression of my life in a different and more forgiving light.
While I firmly believe that every discomfort must be addressed on the plane where it happened or resides, the bottom line is that it doesn't matter if you believe that.  The mechanism doesn't matter.  What matters is that the issue is addressed and banished by integration or otherwise and you are healed.
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet..."  Ah, Romeo.