Shamanism and Soul Retrieval

Shamans, witch doctors, medicine men and women have been practicing for tens of thousands of years the world over. Shamanic healing methods, including soul retrievals are remarkably similar despite the thousands of miles and years that have separated the cultures practicing them. Almost all tribes embark on shamanic journeys with the assistance of percussion, steady drumming inducing a trance-like state and leave in a symbolic boat, traveling to nether regions where all possibilities exist and frequently encountering the worst of travails, including demons and challenges which bring them very near to death. Shamans hold the ancient healing knowledge and exercise these powers, sometimes at great emotional and physical cost to themselves. The teachings of the shaman, Don Juan were popularized by Carlos Castaneda in the 1970s. Less well known is his book “Magical Passes,” which includes exercises and techniques for employing the magic shamans must. Shamanism has enjoyed a reemergence over the past two decades and it is now possible to google and find a shamanic healer.
Soul retrievals are based on the theory that our souls can become fragmented and frequently do, when we are confronted with a traumatic event. A number of conventional psychologist and psychiatrists agree with these theory and work hand-in-hand with a shaman who unfreezes the block of energy still hovering near the patient or goes and finds the splintered fragment and returns it. Then the conventional doctor has enough mental material to work with. Part of a soul can also be stolen. I met a woman once who told me that her shaman had found part of her soul barb-wired to a pole by her ex mother-in-law. Many parts can splinter off over the years, depending upon how deeply the patient has reacted to the traumas a lifetime can offer. Typically, a shaman will not bring back more than two or three fragments as the patient has to subconsciously welcome them back and integrate them in to her psyche, which requires time and careful attention. The patient will have validation. Thoughts long ago abandoned, like the craving for a childhood candy, come back when, for example that lost child is returned.
As my mother once said, you have to heal it on the level it occurred.