The After Life

If you are looking for proof of heaven or simply any rendition of the afterlife, there are plenty of folks to guide you in how to communicate with those beyond the grave. Sylvia Browne was a popular psychic for many years who orchestrates many reunions with lost loved ones. Admittedly she got a lot of negative press after she died for false predictions. She and her son charged a pretty penny for psychic readings, and she had been Number One on the New York Times bestseller list so people expected her to get it right. I dropped his name earlier: I think James van Praagh does a nice presentation of communicating with those who have passed over to the other side. If you don’t want the burden of trying yourself, you can find a reputable channeler fairly easily who doesn’t charge as much as the big names and you don’t have to wait forever. I wouldn’t recommend the posters on the telephone poles, but rather, ask around, perhaps a new age healer who knows someone.
If you are agreeable to opening up your own sensibilities to perceive at a higher frequency than we do in our daily lives, it is important to seek certain protections.  The universe holds an infinite number of possibilities and it's not all rainbows and joy out there.  You must be especially careful in situations like astral projection where you are out of your body and vulnerable.  There are spirits of every imaginable type and you must take measures to shield yourself from attack.  It is vital to stay on the light end of the frequency. Avail yourself of the assistance of angels. Learn about the power of crystals. Magnetize a powerful double-beveled one and keep it with you. Use your knowledge of the human energy field to construct a cocoon of golden or bright white light of protection around you.  And call on Archangel Michael in a pickle.  He's definitely one of the strongest guys out there.  Arnold Schwarzenegger pales in comparison.
And you need to know when to turn it on and off.  It's one thing to communicate with spirits for set purposes or to see someone's aura to help them heal, but it's another to be distracted by a realm beyond ours to the detriment of being in this existence now.  This is where your work is.  It may be that your work is to heal others or to help them through times of bereavement, and it is a definite help to have a running dialogue with God or your angels, but keep your center in the social fabric of this reality as well to be most effective.