Anti-Corruption Legislation

email sent August 26, 2020
Dear Senator:

It is obvious that we need to reign in the power of private interest lobbyists to succeed in their agendas by subsidizing politicians. I like the comprehensiveness of this model Anti-Corruption statute and the premise that such change is not going to take place sua sponte at the federal level where legislators are benefitting from the status quo, but more likely from pressure for change taking place at lower levels of government and taking hold. 

I was definitely disappointed to read that Virginia ranks 35th of 50 in political integrity, so it is clear this is needed at our state level. 

Accordingly, I am attaching a model act and respectfully petitioning you as a voting constituent from Bath County, Virginia to advance its consideration. 

I extend deep felt thanks to you and your staff for your continuing hard work and look forward to watching this bring about overdue and positive change.

I trust that you will let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of any help in further advancing this.  

The following link will take you to a summary of the provisions and a downloadable PDF of   proposed legislation.