October Joy

Luke and Justine got engaged!

Later that day, as Caleb, Sean, Henry and I are celebrating the good news, Luke appears on his way to a gala and reveals himself as quite the catch.

And Hannah got a better job! ...And was able to come home for a few days before it started. She painted parts of the fence, helped seal the cabin, played with Rosie, cleaned out a couple dresser drawers, re-read old journals in the quiet sunshine and took long walks in the woods.

I learned this summer that it is a national humiliation for the German train line, OBB to be two minutes late.  Our expectations are not so high.  Perhaps that is why I received some raised eyebrows from world travelers who did not consider rail travel in the US as optimal. Hannah's Amtrak was delayed four hours.  Thankfully, it was a lovely day to hang out in the area.

The last green of summer lingers only in the pass.

Getting ready for winter.  Caleb came home a couple weekends and good-naturedly helped with repairs.

It doesn't look like it's a lot of work to caulk and seal the cabin and the studio in anticipation of the serious winter gales that howl and roar through these woods, but it was.

Scary Halloween... when even sweet little girls show a dark side.