Sights and Sounds of Richmond Town

Stayed in Richmond for a ten day legal project.  Who would have ever thought that I would appreciate hanging out with attorneys?  It was a welcome relief from my most recent stint.  Went the weekend before and hung out with Hannah, staying with her on the weekends and at a condo on the James River two blocks from the law firm where I worked during the week.  (Airbnb.)

This is Hannah's favorite music shop.  We pressed our noses against the window and she pointed out her favorite banjos and ukeleles.

The condo where I stayed (airbnb) was spacious and open with hardwood floors and huge windows and balconies directly over the James River... looking out at a wildlife preserve... past a trestle with railroad cars carting coal from the mines in West Virginia to the port at Newport News.  The river was high with the Spring rains and loud, its rushing torrents lulling me to sleep each night.

The railroad was quite busy as well.  It was very energizing watching the water swirling madly below the long trains. And there was something romantic, almost heart-stopping, in the sound of the freight cars barreling through in the middle of the night. Lovely and powerful stuff.

View from my bedroom window.
Shockhoe Slip
Bird sanctuary - herons and other unusual species.

An evening stroll near the VCU campus.
Check out the Juliette balconies.
Many Victorian neighborhoods.
Mighty men downtown where I worked.

Other street art