Classic Vienna.  The Prater.

Iced Viennese coffee and a Sacher torte.

The Danube  - the Donau Canal in the ninth.

Delectables from the naschtmarkt.

Video clip of the family dancing gangnam style.

Luisa weathered the Sombrero at the Prater better than I did.  It sure spins a lot.

We both loved the view of Vienna from up there...and went back again the next day.  On the way back, Luisa awakened memories of being a ten year old girl: drawing her initials and a friend's in a heart on a tree with a stone.

How quickly the years pass!
Quiet hours at the apartment.

Captain America points the way to the spielplatz (playground) at the Lichtenstein Palace.

 Such an elegant city.  You wouldn't guess that this red door is an entry to a parking garage.

Or that these two photos are of the interior of a McDonald's.

Adam is so much like David.  The little boy next to him in the sandbox is wallowing in mud his father is making for him from the spigot...and Adam is requesting that I remove the sand from between his feet and his sandals.  Still, he is a willful daredevil and I lost a patch of skin in the winding plastic tube slide holding him as we flew down...repeatedly...upon his insistence as I climbed the ladder gingerly and with much trepidation.

When my family fell fast asleep, I wandered out to watch a film at the Rathaus.  It is hard having them so far away, but at least they are living in a beautiful city filled with wonderful art.