OT1 - Istanbul

Follow this link to hear  Turkish street musicians

Fishermen on Galata Bridge

Istklal Caddesi
Chestnut Stand & Street Trolley

        Consulate where demonstrations frequently took place

Bakery - usually too crowded to snap a photo

Ablution fountain outside of a mosque

One of many fresh fruit stands selling produce an freshly squeezed juices
Along the Bosphorus on a hot day - Men only
Ali's idea of a nice neighborhood

Galata Bridge

A political demonstration on Istklal Caddesi

Since Muslim women are traditionally concealed in long, flowing burkas ad snug hijabs, nail polish and lipstick are the only fsahion statement thy can make. Hence, the large selection.
Smoking freshly caught fish along the Bosphorus dividing Europe and Asia
Whirling Dervishes

Istklal Caddesi after rain.

Looking down from Galata Tower

Turkish coffee in a quiet cafe

Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice

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