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Verde que te quiero verde

Verde que te quiero verde.
Verde viento. Verde ramas

                                                                                    Green how much I want you green.
                                                                                    Green wind. Green branches.

I hear Federico Garcia Lorca's Somnambule Ballad in the mountain wind today.

The shades of green on green hypnotize me.  I know the moss is rotting the timber

and the fungi and Indian paintbrush are eating through the garden fence.  But it doesn't bother me.

I am grateful that all the recent terrible scares when the temperatures plunged to the teens after a streak of ridiculously balmy weather did not freeze the tender asian pear blossoms.

And am amazed at what happened in the one week I was gone, trapped inside staring at a computer screen.

Why can't I be home to watch this?

It is heartwarming to know that the earth heals itself.  This is the residue of a burn pile, soon to be absorbed into the earth.

 I only hope that successive generations will be around to clean up our destruction.  This is en route to my son's house: first, along the unpaved road leading like a trail through the woods...

and then passing a sign at the beginning of this clearing that reads, "PIPELINE BLAST ZONE".

Dominion Power plans to run a natural gas pipeline the entire route through the quiet woods here.  Our new president fast-tracked the project in his first few days in office.  The gas is not for us and we don't want the pipeline.  The gas will go to Norfolk to be shipped overseas, though that's not the party line.  The party line, disproved, is that it is needed for the Hampton Roads area. Yet the line goes to the port. Danger and destruction from the fracking fields to the overseas trip and beyond.  For what?

My healing today. Gardening, wine and water.