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Business Law

I can't find any photos of UTEP, the University of Texas at El Paso that aren't copyrighted.  It is a campus of attractive rectangular stucco buildings with red clay roofs on a hill above the bridges crossing over the Rio Grande to Juarez and surrounded by sharp, high mountains covered with desert scrub brush.  The air vibrates with castanets passionate drumming, a hearty brass section and fast-paced dancers, yet it is silent.  When I lived there, before 9/11 and the Homeland Security forces the bridges saw traffic back and forth of seven million people a day, many on foot.

I taught Business Law at UTEP.   This is how I feel when I am telling what I have seen.

My students at the time were undergrad and graduate students in the College of Business, most of them from Juarez, with English as a second language.  I realized shortly into my first semester that Spanish business language has a lot of false cognates. Not especially wanting to inadvertently teach  the opposite of what I was trying, I took Spanish classes.  I always registered as Felina, my private hats off to Wicked Felina, El Paso and Marty Robbins.

It was a very rewarding experience.  I'd like to teach it again.  I am designing a curriculum with an ethics portion examining some of the issues faced in the pharmaceutical industry.