The Complex

 (Gaudi, Barcelona)
The Complex is a sitcom I began sketching a few years ago and have literally hundreds of notecards with anecdotes to compile.  I probably have no business writing a sitcom at this point as I haven't watched television for months and months and probably need to reassess my relevancy as well as my ability to communicate at the present television viewer level.  Thankfully, listening to the conversations around me at work, it sounds as though contemporary shows are much more sophisticated and entertaining than those of the past, so hopefully my humor is on a popular wavelength.

Think about one family you know.  Your own.  Your neighbor's.  A colleagues.  And all of the stories, all of the drama, all of the ridiculous antics...and then multiply that by 300 and put the families all in one apartment building, along with a hundred barking dogs and that's what I'm talking about.

As a property manager for five years, life in a complex is just that, rich and complex, and almost too silly to be true. Of course managing the community was not exactly a walk in the park, and excellent customer service is not always rewarded or rewarding, but each night I would comfort myself by recalling the three most ridiculous moments in my day, thereby chuckling myself to sleep.

Perhaps we laugh to keep from crying, but why not?

I think I have enough material to start for three seasons.