Calling Your Power Animal

We each have much to accomplish on our earth journey.  Usually, there is at least one large issue facing us at any given time.

For example, we may tend to get too caught up in the events surrounding ourselves in the workplace and lose our own center, wishing to just quit.   We need to pull back and evaluate what is going on and what action is appropriate for us to maintain our own identity and yet remain integrated with the society of which we are part.  A good power animal to call on for help is alligator, who becomes so integrated with the swamps he inhabits that it is sometimes difficult to discern him from a tree. Often only his eyes and snout are visible above the water while he silently observes. Alligators store their prey under logs in the water and wait until it is tender to consume it. The lessons of alligator are to detach from a volatile or emotional situation and simply observe the surrounding activity, rather than engaging in it.  Wait until you are comfortable with any course of action you decide upon so that your actions are in harmony with your goals.

Another power animal who could help is Bear.

Think about the characteristics of a bear.  It spends many months hibernating in a cave, building stamina for its re-entry in Spring.  Bear is a power animal representing introspection.  If you have been drawn to bears: teddy bears, the Chicago Bears or the fascination of seeing one along the road driving through a forest, it could be that bear is your power animal. He reminds you to enter your cave, that is, to find a peaceful place to think about what is going on around you, where you can regroup with yourself, where you can remember who you are and think about who you want to be. Take the opportunity to be still and thoughtful, and to become comfortable with your own path before proceeding.

If you are having trouble settling down, call on Bear.  You can give a power animal recognition and hence more power over your thoughts by surrounding yourself with representations, similar to Christians wearing a cross necklace to remind them and invoke the presence of Jesus. You can think of many examples in different religions of this type of reminder and adoration. You can hug a teddy bear or place a bear figurine on your dresser.  You can imbue this with even more energy by lighting a candle next to it and invoking Bear in your thoughts, welcoming him into your heart.

He is just one aspect of the Great Spirit, which encompasses all, just as you are one of the many faces of God.

Do you have a special power animal guiding you along your path? Do you feel a special affinity to wolves? Wolf is the teacher, whose strength you will need if your lifetime is slated for many lessons.

Or do you especially sympathize with dolphins? Watch dolphin and he will remind you that the breath of life joy. Slow down and pay attention to your breathing. Simply be in the moment.

The power, or medicine of animals can be drawn upon for every aspect that needs balancing.  If leadership is an issue, you may need to call Lion.  Maybe, like the child in the photo, you have always found comfort in lion.  Perhaps you were born to be a leader and lion is there to keep you balanced on your journey.

Meditate on his behavior. If self-esteem is unbalanced, observe the actions of a moose.  A simple meditation on the animal's characteristics is often all of the healing it takes to provide that eureka when you understand how to change your situation.

Sometimes an animal will suddenly appear in front of you unexpectedly and leave its mark, whether it is in the middle of the road while you are driving or a chance figurine falling off a shelf in front of you.  Pay attention. If this becomes your belief system, then that is a message that you should call on the animal to be with you and guide you.

There are medicines for every direction and aspect of our lives.  A full spread or totem of your power animals can be studied to provide assistance all along your journey on the Good Red Road (life).
Who governs your feminine aspect?  Your masculine aspect?  And why?  Who can best help you when you begin a venture?  When you are in the middle of it? Who will help you most easily connect with your higher self?  Often, simple meditation provides the answers.  Your subconscious knows.
Another way to tap into this knowledge if you don't know a shaman is to use a deck of Medicine Cards with depictions of various animals.  You can create your own or buy packs and even add to these with animals that resonate with your psyche, but may not be included in the deck.  Shuffle the deck with the intention of asking who your animals are for each direction, masculine, feminine, east (the direction of your spiritual strength), south (what you most need for centered growth), west (what you need to deal with present challenges) and north (the key to integrating your learning), above (the connection to the spiritual realm) and below (how to stay grounded on the earth walk).

If you are adept at using the pendulum and this gives you more confidence that the shuffle is not just random, spread the cards out face side down and ask the pendulum to swing clockwise when it passes over the right power animal.

You can lay out different spreads to address different situations, like the Pathway Spread, helping you to understand exactly what the present moment is all about for you personally. Or you can ask how others are perceiving you. Or how best to approach a new venture. Frame a question any way you wish and spread the cards for the answers you seek accordingly. Meditate on the qualities of the animal you draw and apply them to the situation at hand.

Any spiritual belief can be a tool to reach the subconscious we do not usually access. The medicine cards can be a powerful compass.