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Crystal Balls

Crystal Balls
I often think of the Lady of the Lake in J.J. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” when I think about a crystal ball. Perhaps that is because one of the first exercises in awakening the power of the crystal ball is to conjure the goddess of the crystal. I imagine her as that lovely and enigmatic.

I am only going to touch briefly on what Joe was doing in the book with the crystal ball as there are others sources out there written by folks far more educated and experienced than me if you are interested in scrying. Basically, just like with the gemstones and crystals, old energies must be removed. Anyone walking in to a room brings his or her energy with them and it affects other energies on the room.

A crystal ball is a very individual, a very personal assist. You must purify it by soaking it in sea salt or washing it in pennyroyal as Joe did. Then he charged it under a full moon. When he wished to use it, he would have to further charge it with his own body heat, passing his hand over it until both hand and ball are hot and reacting to each other.

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