Feng Shui

I don't recall that if feng shui (fung shway) is overtly mentioned in this novel, past perhaps an observation of energy flow or lack thereof in a house or a passing remark that a secret arrow was shooting up someone's doorsteps.
Feng shui, literally translated, "wind and water" is all about the flow of energy.  In the Oriental world of energy perception, in order for wholeness and balance to be achieved, a space must embrace all five elements that make up the cosmos, in a comfortable proportion to allow free passage of the life energy, "chi.".  These five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.
The roots of this concept are Taoistic,   “Tao” means the way of nature and the purpose of utilizing concepts of feng shui is to have our personal environment reflect the harmony of the natural environment. If all is in harmony and energy flows freely, then happiness and abundance will follow suit as it does in nature.
If there is an imbalance inside, too much metal and no wood for example, the place feels sterile and creative impulses may never come to fruition.  If the exterior is  mishmash of elements that do not balance each other, but rather look as though they were simply stuck awkwardly together or is weighted on one side by a huge first floor garage, then the living space as whole may be problematic.  Or looking at the house from the street it is super sweet architecturally but a tree in the front yard blocks the view of the entry way, fragmenting the image and sending a secret arrow shadow into the entrance of the house, where negative spirits can easily enter.  They will mess you up.
If you want good fortune, like attracting the opposite sex, well do the obvious.  Plant pretty flowers at your front door.  Though there are feng shui masters, reputedly high prices and in high demand in some cities, you can use common sense in contemplating beauty and harmony, employing a few artful tricks if necessary, like placing a mirror where the secret arrow is leading and you, too can create a lovely creative space.