Pandemic blues

The Australian Prime Minister says the Easter Bunny will still be coming.

A lot of front porch sitting these days. Keep an eye on that bonfire project to the left. Made the heart-wrenching decision last year to fell a stand of pines that grew so tall they were obstructing the view of the far mountaintops. The next photo you see of it will reveal the progress I am making on clearing the pile so that I can plant some weeping cherries to shade a quiet spot for the hammock again. Saturday night, with one match I torched the pile, sending forty to sixty foot flames roaring into the sky. My heart was beating far too fast to photograph it. I was alone and terrified. Still, I will keep working on it until it is cleared.

In the studio: Ladybug, firefly, flamenco and peacock costumes, jingly belts, feather headdresses and shiny parasols - we will fest again soon!

If you get sick, I will weave you a soft blanket of dandelions, violets and moss.

On my run I found...

Coltsfoot! I will make you a cup of coltsfoot tea. The best possible remedy for compromised lungs....

I'm hanging my hat on it.