Five Minutes on the Farm #30 Winter in Quarantine

So the question is: where is #29? 


Found it! 


On my youtube channel. It's only a minute and a half showing the destruction of my kindling pile, gnawed to bits under the tarp by chipmunks who truly created an architectural wonder for their cozy winter home. I really should supplement the video with the many imaginative burrows I have found - in the bonfire piles (I have two... just waiting... I was waiting for people to join me, but as COVID drags on, I will probably just wait for my foot to heal enough that I am comfortable that I can run fast enough to the spigot where my hose will be hooked. Sometimes winds whip up here in the mountains with no warning and that can be scary when you've got a huge roaring fire) and in the thickets. I've decided to take cuttings from my rhododendron, azaleas and lilacs and plant them all about to allow for more safe small mammal and bird habitats. The shadows of the hawks soaring overhead can seem ominous. And a beautiful red tail often sits on one of my fenceposts watching. An owl nest is nearby and of course there are fox and bear. The ground hogs have several deep and safe burrows already - a couple I am not pleased with... and it's not like I want them in my garden. Or the rabbits... but still, homo sapiens have slaughtered too many species to extinction and more nearly so. Biodiversity is my mantra for this Spring's plantings.