Street Art 2022

 The Riesenrad ferris wheel in Vienna's Prater.

Vienna is a city like no other. Historic and progressive, embracing our confused feelings as we lurch through a world that is too violent, too dirty, too fast-paced, too critical, too consumption-focused to allow us to rest and transmuting them into opera and peaceful Sundays.

This year's street art vibrantly interweaves identity with symbols of industrialization and cultural bloating into abstractions with pleas for feeling, smiling, compassion.

We must circumnavigate the serpents and remember that it is vital to feel, to live and to smile as we remain keenly aware of what is happening and take solid action to protect our rights to our freedom, to our planet, and my lord, to our own bodies!

Vienna's advice. Do it, but keep smiling.

Hold on to the beauty you can. History is a carousel.

Street art in Noto, Sicily, Italy, a UNESCO World Heritage site.