Amusements at the Prater

Sometimes you just find yourself on the wrong street... 

How did I get here? The monster with the skeleton between its fatty lips was troubling, as was the dragon creeping over the lip of the tower above.  I was uncomfortable in his proximity. His comrades clinging to the building I had to then pass kept up the vibe. They all just felt real, like they had evil spirits inside them that wanted to come get me. Or anybody. 

Neither did I particularly care to find myself facing the omniscient clown. Clowns are catalogued in my brain near child molesters and over the years, not one has exonerated the race.  

This one slithers somewhere near that neighborhood, mostly because it is all blasted plastic, but also squishy strange. Who can find the three penises in the picture? Grab a firm hold, line them up and shoot whatever they've got inside into the holes.

Odd that I should be grateful to this stern fellow but he did effectively bring me out of my trance, and I turned the corner to begin where I should have begun.

Yes, that's right. An Austrian amusement park. The Prater, one of the oldest in the world. I came to look at the old colorfully shellacked rides. Again, if it strikes your fancy, look closely. There is so much thought put into the details of these rides, making them each magical in its own way.

I thought this was funny, this depiction of an American frontier woman seen through a Tyrolian lens. Well, it was kinda sorta like that. 

Here are a few of my favorite rides.

The pumpkin coach is pink! Truly, that's even better than orange.

Waiting for dreamers.  

Vrrroooomm... when little boys are sleeping.

An exclusive ride for perhaps two princesses and maybe a prince. Pistachio ice cream cones and light green taffeta dresses or bloussons required.

An elephant perfect in every regard.

I have photographed the Riesenrad here before, but I don't think I captured the jewel tones of the seats.

Sometimes geometry demands to be noticed for itself.

A good afternoon. Fly me to the moon; let me dance among the stars.

Lady with yellow hair who works in a yellow box leaving for the day. Do you think she's aware of her stalker?