Street Art Philly Summer 24

A simplicity. An honesty I am not used to. 

Few houses have not been touched by a harmful addiction. Can a loving smile fill the deep hole, the hunger wanting fed?

Affirmations to stay on track in a city where it feels like everyone has derailed and it's okay.

I was walking past a church when I heard a phenomenal jazz band. I turned back around, retracing my steps. This was taped onto a whiteboard outside the door. Not only was there a full band in a dark corner of the cathedral near the alter, but a Motown quintuplet of female vocalists of opera caliber stood against the backdrop of a pipe organ and a lit up white plastic cross. The poetry was powerful and the music had me in joyful tears, astounded that I had simply wandered into this performance. I recorded only part of one song, "We're only human after all..." If you ever have the chance to listen to the Black Breath Collective, don't waste a heart beat.

When is advertising street art?

When are street signs street art?

When is symmetry street art?

When is graffitti street art?

Zoom in. There is a lot going on in this new mural. Philly is perpetually erecting and dismantling fences for handling traffic, pedestrian and otherwise for different events. That's what I see in those yellow boundaries. I like the colorful down home way these folks claimed their street for themselves.